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Department of clinical nutrition

The First Hospital of Hebei Medical University Department of Clinical Nutrition is of strong medical technology, reasonable department equipment, and good professional basis and nutrition treatment level. The head of the Department is Professor LI Zengning, who is member of standing committee of Nutrition Physician Committee of Chinese Medical Doctor Association, Vice Secretary of China Clinical Nutrition Alliance, Chairman of Hebei Medical Doctor Association Nutrition Physician Office, Chairman of Hebei Hospital Association Nutrition Management Committee, Dean of Hebei Nutrition Quality Management and Control Center, academic leader of Hebei Clinical Nutrition Discipline.

The Department is responsible for nutritional risk screening, appraisal and consultation of outpatients, inpatients, patients with difficult and dangerous diseases, and surgical patients, formulating and implementing treatment plans in terms of basic diet, treatment diet, diagnostic diet, metabolic diet as well as enteral and parenteral nutrition in combination with specific condition of patients. To meet nutrition treatment of special patients who cannot eat from mouth or whose oral feeding cannot meet nutritional needs, the Department establishes enteral and parenteral nutrition rooms with sound facilities, regulates and enriches types of enteral and parenteral nutritional supplements, forms a relatively complete series of enteral and parenteral nutritional supplements, realizes standard arrangement and management of enteral and parenteral nutritional supplements, providing use suggestions and follow-up guides for various critically ill patients on basis of their respective feature and condition.

Since its establishment, the Department becomes the first to provide a professional configuration of clinical nutrition in a comprehensive hospital and start quality control over centralized arrangement of parenteral nutrition, standard operation of enteral nutrition and supply of treatment diet.

In order to meet the requirements for nutritional treatment in modern clinics and better serve patients, the Department adopts the treatment means where traditional and modern means are combined, develops personalized, systematic, multi-level and all-round nutritional treatment technologies, which makes nutritional treatment more scientific, sound and reasonable, provides scientific, effective and economic service to patients, and plays an active role in preventing diseases, promoting health, enhancing treatment effect, shortening treatment period and improving prognosis.

With great reputation in China and rich experience in construction and management of clinical nutrition discipline, the Department is fully capable of undertaking the quality appraisal and control of clinical nutrition discipline setup and nutritional medical service in Hebei Province.

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