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Radiology Department

Radiology Department

Combined withmedical treatment, scientific research and teaching, our radiology departmentis a medical technical section with well-equipped, advancedfunctions, strong technical force and rich inspection experience. There is aprofessional technology team with good overall quality, high service levels andfull of vitality, in which are 3 professors, 3 associate professors and manyattending doctors and senior/long-standing doctors. There are many advanced equipment in our department

1)Computed Tomograph:

GELightspeed VCT 64 multi-detector helical CT,

SiemensEmotion 16 multi-detector helical CT,

GE dual-slicespiral CT,

2) Magnetic Resonance Imaging

GE 1.5Tdual gradient superconducting nuclear magnetic resonance

3) DiagnosticRadiology

PhilipsHigh-frequency machine

GE VR X-rayequipment

Shimadzu 3200 Digital X-rayMachine

GEmobile X-ray machine

Canon DR

4) Other medicalequipment

Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometryof US HOLOGIC

RATARF ablation therapeutic instrument,

The mainroutine clinic includes:

1) imaging and diagnosis on head, neck, chest, abdomen and othersystem.

2) CT-guidedtumor biopsy.

3) whole body bonedensity measurements.

Characteristicclinical diagnosis and treatment projects include:

1)64 multi-detector helical CT low-dose coronary CTA diagnosis ofcoronary heart disease.

2) CTA bodyparts vascular lesions diagnostic.

3) thediagnosis of Colon lesions by CT colon virtual endoscopy.

4) CTperfusion imaging of head, liver and other organs.

5) MRIdiagnosis of pediatric neurological at the leading level in Hebei province.

6)magnetic resonancespectroscopic imaging.

7)NuclearMagnetic Resonance Imaging technique including£º DWI, PWI and DTI.

8) radio frequencyablation treatment technique on liver , lung, kidney and adrenalgland etc ,this technology is at the leading level in Hebei province.

All department staff warmly welcome patients andwe will serve you with all sincerity.

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