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Department of pharmacy, the First Affiliated Hospital of Hebei Medical University is a comprehensive medical departments set of pharmacy administration, teaching, scientific research in one, take the drug storage, supply, prescription, preparation, clinical pharmacy, drug adverse reaction monitoring, research and development of new drugs, the drug clinical trials and clinical pharmacology teaching task. Department of pharmacy, pharmacy, pharmacy under the grass, the pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, pharmacy store, Department of clinical pharmacy, medicine room, preparation room, drug testing room, drug clinical trial institution. Pharmacy store and pharmacy responsible for outpatients, inpatients medication supply, regulating,guidingthe patient; Herbalreal carried outpieces of Chinese medicinegeneration of fried services; outpatient pharmacy with medication consultation window and medication consultation table, answer patient, to guide the rational use of drugs, to ensure drug safety effectively; research and development production and new preparation in hospital preparation for the preparation room, the existing 11 products made of hospital preparations approval number, the Chaihu Anxin capsule, gentian Jiangan capsule, 7 capsules of Chinese medicine has formed special products; testing lab is responsible for the inspection of the hospital preparation; clinical pharmacy department responsible for adverse drug reaction monitoring, rational use of antibiotics, blood drug concentration monitoring monitoring, clinical pharmacists in clinical pharmacy, clinical medication consultation, round arrangement on "all" clinical work; drug clinical trial institution undertaking the research work of clinical trials and clinical pharmacology medicine; teaching is mainly responsible for clinical medicine department of Hebei Medical University "Clinical Pharmacology" teaching of pharmaceutics, Graduate School of medicine undergraduate guidance and graduates of special practice, also has received the other college students And medical institutions of learning of students practice teaching, training and so on.

Department of pharmacy in hospital drug supply security at the same time, to provide pharmaceutical care for patients with excellent people and clinical care, has produced the first hospital of Hebei Medical University, "drug catalogue", "formulary". In recent years, pharmacy has undertaken 14 research projects, won the science and technology progress award 3, published 15 books, more than 190 papers published in the national core journals, Hebei Medical University in 2005 and received the outstanding instructor award.

Department of pharmacy, adhere to the regulations as the criterion, take the patient as the center, to safety as the prerequisite, rational drug use key principles, to provide high quality pharmaceutical care for the masses.

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