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Department of Urology

Professor in the Department Director under the leadership of Xu Xuejun, application of microsurgical technique, for treatment of male external genitalia malformation, deformation operation of gender identity disorder needs, a complete. In addition, for hypospadias, fissure, under the song, song, small penis, penile cancer resection reconstruction of penis, urethral stricture, vas deferens anastomosis patency, undescended testis, testicular transplantation treatment effect is remarkable. Application of minimally invasive surgical techniques to complete the adrenal, kidney ureter cutting, molding operation; application of cavity Department of Urology, the treatment of a variety of urinary calculi, bladder cancer, prostatic hyperplasia. Especially the cavity and gravel domestic leading technology; by using a series of chemotherapy method is recommended WHO, for the treatment of male sexual dysfunction, male infertility treatment scientific, standardized. A detailed classification, different types, different treating methods, avoid the blindness of treatment, achieved a very good therapeutic effect.

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