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Department of general surgery II

Hebei Medical University first hospital general surgery department and thyroid, breast and hernia specialist is focus on the development of disciplines in our hospital building, carefully nurtured. Hebei province by the middle-aged expert with outstanding contribution,five four Hebei Youth Award, surgery doctor, doctoral supervisor, vice president Zhao Zengren as director of surgery by the Big Dipper, Hebei Medical University associate professor, chief physician, master's tutor, Wells, Prince of Wales Hospital Chinese University Hong Kong visiting scholar Tian Yanfeng as director, breast center of Southwest Hospital of Third Military Medical University professor Fan Linjun the honorary director of the Academy of Medical Sciences, China breast disease treatment center of Tumor Hospital Professor Zhang Baoning, minimally invasive treatment of breast disease center of Fuxing Hospital Affiliated to Captial Medical University, Professor Luo Chengyu, deputy head of Department of general surgery, Center Song Buxu professors as technical adviser. The Department has 1 doctors, 4 masters, both in Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Shanghai, well-known gland surgery hospital hernia specialized learning.

-- Diagnosis and treatment of breast and thyroid diseases minimally invasive characteristicWith fiberoptic ductoscopy, Mammotome vacuum assisted biopsy system, endoscopic breast, thyroid endoscopic, first-class equipment, carry out no surgery resection of benign breast tumor resection, retention, keep skin subcutaneous breast cancer resection, male breast mastoscopic subcutaneous adenoidectomy, neck scarless breast breast cancer thyroid tumor resection minimally invasive surgery.

-- hernia and abdominal wall diseases repairing technology is in the leading level
Clinical hernia ring filling type, preperitoneal space, UHS, TAP, TEPP tension-free hernia repair type, in the domestic leading level in adult and pediatric inguinal hernia, hernia, incisional hernia, hernia, parastomal hernia, Bai Xianshan and other abdominal external hernia.

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