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General Surgery Department I

General Surgery Department I

Department I of GeneralSurgery of the First Hospital of Hebei Medical University, The Thyroid Breastand Hernia Department, is a key developing department built by our efforts. Thereis Zhao Zengren, an outstanding young expert with great contributions to Hebei,a winner with Hebei May Fourth Youth Award, a doctor in surgery science, a doctoraltutor, a vice president and a concurrently director of general surgerydepartment. Tian Yanfeng, a Hebei Medical University professor, a chiefphysician, a postgraduate supervisor, a visiting scholar to Prince of WalesHospital of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, is the director of Department I.Fan Linjun, a professor of Breast Center of Southwest Hospital of ThirdMilitary Medical University, is the Honorary Director. There are technicalconsultants, Professor Zhang Baoning in Breast disease treatment center ofCancer Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor Luo Chengyu inminimally invasive treatment of breast disease center of Fuxing Hospital ofCapital Medical University, Professor Song Buxu, a former deputy head of PLAGeneral Surgery Center. The department has one doctor and four masters, allever studied in Gland surgery and Hernia department of renowned hospitals inBeijing, Tianjin, Chongqing and Shanghai.

Featured minimally invasive diagnosis and treatments forbreast and thyroid diseases.

There are many advancedequipments such as fiberoptic ductoscopy, Mammotome vacuum-assisted biopsysystem, Mastoscopy, Endoscopic for thyroid and other first-class equipments.The department performs surgeries, such as no scars to remove benign breasttumors, breast-conserving surgery for breast cancer, skin-retaining resectionto remove subcutaneous breast cancer, Mastoscopy subcutaneous gland excision formale breast, neck no scars in thyroid tumor resection and other minimallyinvasive surgical procedures.

Herniaand abdominal wall repair techniques at the advanced level.

The department is at thedomestic leading level in tension-free hernia repair techniques, such asPlug-mesh, preperitoneal repair, UHS, TAPP, TEP and other tension-free herniarepair operations. There are a variety of hernia treatments for adults andchildren such as inguinal hernia, umbilical hernia, incisional hernia, femoralhernia, stoma hernia, white line hernia and so on.


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