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Department of Stomatology

Department of Stomatology is the comprehensive department a set of clinical, teaching, scientific research as one of the. Department of strong technical force, the existing staff 14 people, 4 senior titles, intermediate title 3 people, master 3 people. Dental clinic has imported comprehensive treatment machine, X light camera system, advanced medical equipment of microwave treatment instrument, medical environment comfortable, safe and reliable guarantee of medical treatment.

Making making Department of Stomatology Department of internal medicine, provide oral maxillofacial surgery, dental professional disciplines of medical service, and carrying out the oral health care, cosmetic dental, periodontal treatment, maxillofacial trauma repair, oral and maxillofacial tumor operation, dental implant, precise repair of cleft lip and palate repair operation, free characteristics of oral health and high-end dental services. In the process of diagnosis and treatment, and resolutely implement the painless treatment principle, effectively eliminate the tension and anxiety patients, to provide humane quality, comfortable, convenient medical services for the majority of patients.

Making making based on the introduction of advanced sterilizing equipment perfect under the Department, arrange in disinfection work, for all the instruments from immersion, cleaning, drying, oiling to the packing seal, high temperature and high pressure disinfection disinfection process maintenance, ensure the operation of equipment used in every patient for high temperature and high pressure disinfection before use, and do every patients were using the one-off oral instrument trays and disposable gloves. Strictly to prevent cross infection, ensure patient health, provide and reassure patients medical service.

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