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Department of Dermatology

Our department of dermatology is composed of ordinary out-patient clinic,specialist out-patient clinic, office treatment of LASER & liquid nitrogen refrigeration,office treatment for skin beauty£¬fungus inspecting room, office treatment for STDs,office treatment of UV rays phototherapy, traditional Chinese medicine fumigation room etc,possessing many medical treatment facilities,such as ultra pulse CO2-LASER therapy equipment,microwave therapy equipment,UV rays phototherapy equipment£¬and traditional Chinese medicine fumigation equipment for the treatment of common skin disease. In addition,our department has a variety of large equipments: lattice CO2 laser for the treatment of scar(specially for the pitting scar after acne), tuning Q laser therapeutic apparatus for the disease of pigmentation skin, skin transplantation for vitiligo, 308 nm excimer laser for vitiligo,and laser hair removal etc.We can monitor many skin diseases and STDs,including dermal pathology,fungus inspection,the allergen detection and STDs detection. Adopting advanced treatment facilities & therapies, we serve the patients wholeheartedly.

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