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Emergency Department Introduction

The Emergency Department of The First Hospital of Hebei Medical University is an integrated emergency medical center with medical treatment, teaching and scientific research. After years continuous development, it has taken the medical emergency tasks of closely co-ordinated with the pre-hospital care, wounded groups emergency medical treatment caused by a variety of disasters, diagnosis and treatment of emergency cases, critically ill patients in emergency care and organ preservation, endangered patients with cardiopulmonary-cerebral resuscitation.

Emergency department offers emergency out-patient clinic, emergency infusion roomúČemergency observation room, emergency treatment room, emergency intensive care unit, emergency ward and emergency debridement room. There are 15 acute infusion chairs, 16 observation beds, 4 intensive care beds and hyperbaric oxygen chamber. There are a series of advanced rescue equipment, such as electrocardiogram monitor, breathing machine, electrocardiograph, automatic gastric lavage, multifunction rescue beds, cardiopulmonary resuscitation machines, bedside blood gas analysis machine, testing machine, blood glucose meter, defibrillator.

Currently there are three emergency chief physicians, three associate chief physician, six attending physicians, three hospital physicians, two nurse-in-charge, sixteen primary nurses and two nurses, in which two are master tutors. In recent years, the department has published seven SCI articles, and won a national utility model patents, two awards of Hebei Province, and two municipal Progress Awards. After years of academic accumulation, our department has formed stable academic orientation in different academic areas of the nervous system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system and other basic areas.

Our department's academic development goals are to become excellent clinical medicine department by our unremitting efforts in strengthening the connotation construction, optimizing the personnel structure, improving the treatment level, deepening research and strengthening exchanges and cooperation.

The Academic leader
Professor Yingqi Zhang is the academic leader of the Emergency Department of The First Hospital of Hebei Medical University, who is young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contribution in Hebei province, level 2 of "333 talents project" in Hebei province, the first committee member of China Association of Female Emergency Physicians, the member of Infectious Diseases Branch of Hebei Medical Association, the member of Physicians branch of Hebei Medical Association infection, Hebei outstanding expert abroad for training candidates, a visiting scholar of British Queen's University. After 20 years of professional medical treatment, teaching and scientific research engaged in respiratory medicine, infectious diseases medicine and emergency medicine, she specializes in emergency treatment on a variety of critically ill patients with refractory infections, septic shock, respiratory failure, pulmonary thromboembolism, unconsciousness, severe arrhythmia, heart failure and stroke.

She took charge of two research projects of the national scientific and technological support program sub-center, one sub-center research of National science and technology research project, two items of Hebei Science and Technology Project. She won Hebei Province Science and Technology Progress Award, municipal science and technology progress the first and second prizes. More than 18 papers have been published on professional core journals, including 5 SCI papers. She has strong ability in the administration, academic guidance, talents training.

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