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ICU (Intensive care unit, ICU) is to provide many kinds, high quality medical care and treatment technology, in order to ensure maximum critical patient quality of life and survival of the clinical base, is a medical unit hospital intensive care and treatment of critically ill patients. ICU diagnosis, the application of advanced monitoring and treatment equipment and technology, the qualitative and quantitative observation of continuous, dynamic condition, and through effective intervention measures, provides the high quality standard, for patients with severe life support, created the opportunity and for the treatment of primary disease, greatly reduced the mortality rate.

Critical care medicine department of the first hospital of Hebei Medical University (ICU) is a comprehensive hospital in ICU, interdisciplinary, concentrate manpower to centralized monitoring, treatment and nursing care of all places in critically ill patients.For the rescue, treatment of critically ill patients, surgery operation peri operation period patient care. Currently has 12 beds, a building area of 1800 square meters, the closed management model.Comprehensive facilities, from a wide range of diseases, including: severe trauma, multiple organ failure, acute and chronic respiratory insufficiency, pancreatitis, acute and chronic renal failure, pathological obstetrics, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, monitoring of large and medium-sized operation of various, acute poisoning, various types of shock, cardiac arrest, acute cardiac insufficiency, bleeding, severe trauma, multiple trauma, serious water, electrolyte, acid-base balance, as well as electrocution, drowning, severe heat stroke and other critically ill patients.

Department of the environment is good, the rescue facilities, all the staff dedication, as patient as dear, so that patients in treatment at the same time to feel the warmth of home. And with all other departments have good relations of cooperation, and specialist to help critically ill patients spent the most sinister darkest moments, to overcome the disease, restore health.

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