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Liver disease center of the first hospital of Hebei Medical University, Hebei Province, and the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine liver disease treatment center, is one of the characteristics of clinical departments of the first hospital of Hebei Medical University, provincial sentinel health units. Relying on the hospital overall superiority, has its own distinctive professional features. Having a high level research and laboratory, artificial liver support system and other liver disease special-purpose medical instruments, now open 65 beds. Medical team to experts, Professor of medical backbone, the old professor for 40 years medical team, also have young graduate. The overall treatment about consensus at home and abroad liver expert principles, and strive to make the patient get treatment the most scientific, reasonable, the most reliable, the most preferential, including at the same time the application has the characteristic of combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine technology and unique biological and immunological therapy in the treatment of various liver diseases,: all kinds of acute and chronic viral hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, fatty liver, alcohol liver, autoimmune liver disease, liver cancer, the overall technology reached advanced domestic level. Center hospital environment clean, elegant, disinfection is complete, the general ward for three beds, are equipped with air-conditioning, toilet. Another senior ward, as two suites, family style layout.

Professor Tong Lixin director of center of liver disease with all the staff welcome you to liver disease center examination, treatment.

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